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Providing comprehensive support to identity theft victims

ID Theft Assist is a partnership between a leading credit bureau and a respected 24/7 crisis response team providing a comprehensive identity recovery system. Our combined experienced and knowledge give us the edge in offering identity recovery services more quickly and thoroughly than our competitors.

Plan Information

The Basics

Europ Assist USA(EA USA), your 24 - hour, 7 - day-a-week contact, is the foundation of ID Theft Assist.

EA USA coordinates all the recovery efforts we make to prevent abuse of your identity and to restore your credit and overall identity well-being. We take care of every aspect of recovering your identity. We process the paperwork and deal with creditors, credit agencies, and the Federal Trade Commission to report the crime and restore your identity quickly. We have the essential tools at our fingertips, saving you hundreds of hours of frustration.

EA USA provides multilingual service to obtain needed authorization and affidavits from the identity theft victim. We review the victim's credit history to identify potential fraud and complete all creditor notification. Once identity theft occurs, time is critical. EA USA's experience and professionalism allow us to process all the information quickly in the critical early stages of ID theft recovery.

Restoring Your Credit

Trans Union (TU), one partner in ID Theft Assist, is a leading global provider of business intelligence services. As one of the largest credit bureaus in the United States and Canada, TU provides us with direct access to a victim's creditors.

This direct, immediate access to a major credit bureau sets us apart from other identity theft service providers. It enables us to reach your creditors and stop damage to your credit report within minutes of receiving your authorization. Once your credit is re-secured, we make sure the information is transmitted to the other major credit bureaus.

Comprehensive Support

We understand that recovering from identity theft is not just about paperwork, which is why Affinity Care (AC) rounds out our support network.

AC provides emotional assistance, available 24/7 to help an identity theft victim cope with the emotional aspect of recovery. We also provide long-term support, including financial and legal assistance through AC's extensive nationwide attorney network.

Benefits & Services

We provide the most comprehensive identity theft recovery of any company. We are here for you whenever your identity is stolen - 24 hours a day, every day of the year, assistance when you need it.

Our services attend to each part of the recovery process and guide you through the web of procedures that must be completed to recover from identity theft.

Please read below to learn more about the benefits and services of ID Theft Assist.

Proactive Pre-incident Components

  • Triple Bureau Daily Alert Credit Monitoring for one household member.
  • Notice given when a change appears on their credit file and instruct how to receive detail on the change.
  • 24/7 access to credit report and score.
  • Toll Free Customer Support Line for technical assistance or general credit-related questions
  • Access to Internet Educational Tools and Articles


Getting the Facts

  • Provide unlimited 24/7 telephone access so we're there when you need us
  • Complete and initial needs assessment with you to determine if a fraud or theft has occurred
  • Provide 12 months of database monitoring at the time the incident is reported to us
  • Capture all necessary information to act immediately on your behalf
  • Provide ID Theft Action Kit to explain all the steps ID Theft Assist have taken to recover your identity

Contacting Creditors

  • Help you fill out and submit an ID Theft Affidavit on your behalf to the proper authorities, credit bureaus, and creditors.
  • Report your ID theft to the Federal Trade Commission
  • Notify Postal Inspector
  • File a criminal report and forward it to creditors and the Social Security Administration

Restoring Your Good Credit

  • Notify all three major credit reporting agencies of the ID theft
  • Help you place a "Fraud Alert" on your credit report
  • Cancel and replace checks, ATM, and credit cards
  • Review "real-time" credit report with you and identify any fraudulent accounts of activity
  • Help you create a list of creditors that need to be contacted
  • Contact creditors with itemized fraudulent account statements for each fraudulent occurrence

Benefits - Free Legal Consultation

  • Free initial legal consultation to help you determine the best legal action to take against creditors if they are not cooperative in removing fraudulent entries from your credit report
  • Perform legal document review
  • Draft a victim impact statement if your identity thief is apprehended and stands trial
  • Provide discounts within our nationwide attorney network for additional legal work you may require

26 Languages Spoken

  • If your identity theft occurs away from home, we can provide you with an emergency cash advance when necessary
  • Provide translators if you are traveling internationally and need help communicating with local law enforcement
  • Provide translators if you are not a fluent English speaker

And More!

  • Provide 24/7 unlimited telephone access to Master's level consultants to help you work through the stress and anxiety caused by identity theft
  • Assistance provided for non-financial ID theft issues such as medical, criminal, and employment fraud.
  • Teach you how to avoid further occurrences of identity theft
  • Provide advice for ancillary problems, such as giving you the information you need to replace your personal documents, like your Social Security card or driver's license
  • Arrange access for up to three in-person sessions with a professional in our national network of behavioral specialists to help you deal with any emotional trauma you experience as a result of identity theft

FAQ and Testimonials

Q. What is ID Theft Assist?

A. ID Theft Assist is a service that saves an identity theft victim time, effort and costs in restoring credit and repairing the damage caused by an identity theft.

Q. What is the definition of identity theft?

A. For the purpose of ID Theft Assist, the definition is any event where a subscriber's identity is compromised. It could be as simple as replacing a lost credit card for a victim, and it could be as complicated as full restoration of a victim's identity and credit history.

Q. My wallet has been stolen. What do I do?

A. As a subscriber to the service, you would call our 24/7 emergency call center. We would access your credit history, capture all the needed information, review it with you to ensure no false accounts have been opened, and begin the process of canceling/reissuing your credit cards and any other items that were included in your wallet.

Q. How are you able to access my credit history?

A. Through your authorization. The first step after a subscriber's call is to obtain written authorization from the subscriber to access his or her credit history. ID Theft Assist cannot proceed without this authorization. We have all the tools necessary to assist as much as the subscriber authorizes.

Q. Are there other services?

A. Absolutely, depending on the depth of the identity theft. ID Theft Assist is there to provide assistance to the highest initial levels of identity theft. We can provide as much assistance as you need. Our steps in restoring your identity may include notification to creditor fraud departments and the three major credit-reporting agencies; completion of the Federal Trade Commission's ID Theft Affidavit; legal counseling and assistance; and emotional counseling.

Q. Are there any restrictions to the service?

A. A few, mostly on the subject of obtaining new identification. We cannot obtain a new driver's license, passport, Social Security card, or any other form of identification for the subscriber. However, we make the process as easy and quick as possible by having the necessary forms on file and can even fill out part of those forms on behalf of the subscriber.

Q. Do I receive any compensation if my identity is stolen?

A. No, ID Theft Assist is a service, not an insurance policy. There are insurance policies that will offer monetary benefits for a stolen identity. The meat of many of those policies is compensation for lost wages, but those benefits are capped. We save you the time so work does not have to be missed, and we have no cap on the amount of time we will spend in restoring your identity.

Q. How much time does ID Theft Assist really save?

A. In cases where a fraudulent account has been opened in your name, the Federal Trade Commission reports that, on average, a victim will spend 175 hours repairing the damage of the theft. Even in the simplest of cases, a subscriber would be making one phone call to us instead of three or four.

Q. What if the theft occurs when I am traveling?

A. ID Theft Assist can service our subscribers worldwide. We have 33 assistance centers and over 200 agents around the world. We even have the ability to wire cash advances, charged against a credit card, in emergencies.

Q. Will there be any trouble in removing fraudulent accounts from my record?

A. There could be, but in those cases our Fraud Resolution Specialists would take over your case. These are highly trained, legal professionals with one or more of the following credentials: licensed attorney, practitioner with Master's level or certification in Dispute Resolution or Fair Debt Credit Practices, experience in prosecuting criminal acts or over five year's other relevant legal experience. Once again, we would be the ones doing the work and saving you the time and effort.

Q. Are there legal ramifications to an identity theft?

A. Yes, there can be. There are many stories of innocent victims who are arrested because their stolen identity was used in the commission of a crime. ID Theft Assist offers subscribers one free initial consultation with its nationwide network of attorneys. If more legal assistance was needed, the subscriber would receive a 25% discount on our network attorneys' fees.

Q. What about any psychological effects of identity theft?

A. As part of the service, subscribers have 24/7 unlimited access to Master's-level consultants to help alleviate any stress and anxiety caused by an identity theft. If the emotional trauma persists, subscribers can access our national network of Behavioral Specialists for up to three in-person sessions.

Q. Is ID Theft Assist a necessary service?

A. A Celent Communication report states that identity theft is the fastest growing white-collar crime in the country and complaints to the FTC rose 73% from 2001 to 2002. In 1992, one of the major credit reporting agencies received 35,000 calls from those victimized or concerned about being a victim. Ten years later the number of calls was over one million. You decide.

Real ID Theft - Customer Stories

Satisfied Customers

When a customer finds they've become the victim of identity theft, their first response is usually one of panic. It's understandable. From the initial phone call to identity recovery, we always treat our customers with care, concern, and understanding. We know what you're going through, and we're here to help.

My daughter had her purse stolen. We had reason to believe that an identity thief was using information taken from her purse. I reported it to ID Theft Assist. Our advocate was very helpful. He explained what he was going to do and why he was doing it. After our initial contact, he followed up daily until he was confident that we covered all of our bases. What I felt was so amazing about the process was he told us what ID Theft Assist was doing for us, not telling us what we needed to be doing for ourselves.
- Dallas, TX

Thank you for your services and concern. I received a call within 15 minutes and the coordinator was very helpful. He explained what he was going to do and why. He followed up daily. What I felt was so amazing and I am incredibly pleased with the concern and services extended to our family at a very traumatic time.
- Shelbyville, KY

I am a recent survivor of identity theft. I consider myself a survivor and not a victim because of the help I received from ID Theft Assist. When I first realized that my identity had been stolen, I didn't know what to do. When I first called ID Theft Assist, the representative walked me through the procedures for resolving identity-theft disputes. We reviewed my credit report line-by-line and came up with a game plan to move forward. The representative didn't just tell me who and where to call but placed calls and wrote letters on my behalf. He then stayed in close contact providing me with updates and informing me of correspondence I could expect to receive in the mall. For me, working with ID Theft Assist removed the fear and anxiety associated with identity theft. I had someone on my team with experience to guide me through the process. ID Theft Assist provides a great service, and I feel very fortunate to be a customer.
- Atlanta, GA

They handled it extremely professional and followed through smoothly. The coordinator was very helpful, courteous, and professional.
- Brooklyn, New York

Help Yourself

Prevention & Detection

Identity theft can happen to anyone, especially with the growing number of ways we use our personal information. This page will give you some easy ways to prevent and detect identity theft.

Top 10 Easy Ways to Prevent Identity Theft

  1. Be a minimalist:
    Only carry the personal information you need with you - this includes your Social Security card, your passport, and your checkbook.
  2. Use common sense:
    When choosing passwords and PIN numbers, don't use predictable numbers like your Social Security number, or anything else easily detectable (pet's name, mother's maiden name, etc.) Predators of identity theft are often acquaintances of the victim - so don't make it easier for them to steal your identity!
  3. Pay attention:
    If you are expecting a new credit card, driver's license, or other sensitive material, watch the mail closely and contact the issuer immediately if it does not arrive when expected.
  4. Are they who they say they are?
    Do not give out your credit card number over the phone unless you have an existing business relationship with the company and you initiated the call.
  5. Shred the evidence:
    Make sure your account number doesn't appear in full on your receipts. If it does, shred it before throwing it away.
  6. Keep your Social Security number to yourself:
    Give your Social Security number out only when absolutely necessary.
  7. Pass it on, or don't:
    Request that look-up companies remove your information from their databases. Contact Lexis-Nexis at (800) 227-9597 and Information America, Inc. at (800) 235-4008.
  8. Computer Safety 101:
    Install a firewall on your computer to keep Internet hackers from accessing your data.
  9. Inquiring minds don't need to know via e-mail:
    Do not send confidential information over e-mail and never respond to e-mail requests for such information.
  10. Neither do inquiring web surfers:
    Visiting online directories, like the following, and remove yourself from them (directions in parentheses):

Rate and Compare

Join ID Theft Assist


$96 for 12 months.


ID Theft Assist features up-front credit monitoring for all subscribers, not just those who have had defined incidents. Should you have an identity compromise, even something as simple as a lost wallet, our 24-hour emergency assistance center is there to serve you with a wide range of services that leave the work to us and take the burden off of you.


ID Theft Assist untangles the red tape of identity recovery. Let our specially-trained advocates do the often frustrating work for you, including tasks such as:

  • Analyzing the victim's real-time credit report to determine where and when the fraud occurred.
  • Develop a Recovery Action Plan to restore victim's identity to pre-incident status.
  • Contact all affected and interested parties on behalf of the victim to report the crime and restore credit.
  • Access our worldwide presence, language translation, and emergency cash advances for those who are victimized when traveling.

Definitions & Exclusions

The person(s) eligible for the services described in Section 2, in Terms of Service, shall be the Covered Member; spouse or Domestic Partner; children under the age of 21 who live with the Covered Member; and children under the age of 24 who are full-time students. All orders are final. If subscriber chooses to cancel during the term of service, payment will not be pro-rated. However, cancelled service will continue until the renewal date, and at that time the service will not be renewed. Cases discovered prior to enrollment will not be eligible for service.

By clicking 'Buy Now' button user agrees to Terms of Service.

Compare Us

  Full Service Typical Competing Restoration Program
Family Coverage Yes Most
Pre-Incident Credit Monitoring Yes Most
Obtain Real-Time Credit Report Yes  
Needs Assessment and Telephonic Assistance until Case is closed Yes Most
ID Theft Affidavit Submission Yes  
Report Fraud to Creditor Yes Most
File Criminal Report Yes Few
File Criminal Report to Creditors Yes
Credit & Charge Card Replacement Yes Most
Cancel Checks/ATM Cards/Other Banking Tools Yes Some
Report Fraud to Social Security Administration Yes Some
Assistance w/Identification Replacement Yes Few
Postal Inspector Notification Yes Most
Creditor Fraud Department Notification Yes Some
Place Fraud Alerts w/Credit Reporting Agencies Yes Yes
Assist w/Obtaining Credit Report Agencies Yes Yes
Assist w/Obtaining Credit Report Yes Most
Provide ID Theft Response Kit Yes Most
Non-Financial ID Theft Resolution Yes Few
Translation in at Least 25 Languages Yes  
Cash Advances Yes  
Free Initial Legal Consultation Yes  
Legal Needs Discount Yes  
Unlimited Phone Emotional Support Yes  
In-Person Emotional Trauma Support Yes  
Worldwide Presence (Representatives in over 210 countries) Yes  

Terms and Policy

Terms of Service

Section 1: Definitions:

  • "Covered Member" means a person age 18 or older who has been enrolled in the ID Theft Assist Service.
  • "Domestic Partner" means anyone living in a domestic partnership with a Covered Member as a relationship between two cohabitating people unrelated by either blood or marriage, regardless of gender, who are over the age of 18, share the common necessities of life, and have resided together for at least six months prior to subscribing to our product, who share responsibility for the common living expenses of food, shelter, and medical care and are not in any marriage or domestic partnership and/or civil union with another person. In the cities and or states where domestic partnership registers are available, enrollees need to be registered in order to be covered by the family option.
  • "Family Service" means plan in which a Covered Member has enrolled for the family option and the person(s) eligible for the services described in Section 2 shall be the Covered Member; spouse or Domestic Partner; children under the age of 21 who live with the Covered Member; and children under the age of 24 who are full-time students.

Section 2: Services

  • Covered Members will have toll-free access to the multilingual ID Theft Assist (ITA) Coordination Center in Washington, D.C., 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Upon notification of an identity-theft incident, ITA will:
    • Prepare and send ID Theft Affidavit and Authorization Form to Covered Member.
    • Contact credit reporting agencies to obtain a free credit report for the member and place an alert on the Covered Member's records with the agency and to obtain a list of creditors from them;
    • Access to credit monitoring service (limited to one subscription per household)
    • Contact remaining credit agencies to place an alert on the member's records;
    • Submit Authorization Form and ID Theft Affidavit to creditors requesting cancellation of their card and an issuance of a new one;
    • If other forms of identification were stolen or missing, such as an ATM card, driver's license, Social Security card, passport and so forth, notify the appropriate bank or agency of the situation so that it may take appropriate action and reissue a new form of identification;
    • Notify local authorities of identity-theft incident and help member to obtain necessary reports;
    • On a weekly basis, until file is closed, contact the member with an updated status report;
    • Where needed, follow up with creditors to ensure that the matter has been properly handled;
    • Provide the member with an "ID Theft Emergency Response KitT";
    • Provide emergency cash advance, emergency message relay, and emergency travel arrangements to a member traveling at least 100 miles away from home;
    • Provide financial, fraud resolution, legal, and emotional assistance.

Section 3: Limitations & Exclusions

  • Coverage does not start until the first (1st) of the following month once confirmation of payment is received.
  • Any identity thefts or incidents discovered by the Covered Member prior to service effective date is ineligible for service.
  • All orders are final. If subscriber chooses to cancel during the term of the service, payment will not be pro-rated. However, cancelled service will continue until the renewal date, and at that time the service will not be renewed.
  • The services of ITA are available in most countries except Afghanistan, Somalia, Eritrea, Yemen, and Eastern Timor. ITA reserves the right to update the list of countries in which its services are not available. It is the responsibility of the Covered Member to inquire whether a country is "open" for assistance prior to his or her departure and during his or her stay. In the event a Covered Member travels in any area not listed above, ITA will endeavor to provide its services to the best of its ability.
  • ITA cannot be held responsible for failure to provide, or for delay in providing services when such failure or delay is caused by conditions beyond its control, including but not limited to labor disturbance and strike, rebellion, riot, civil commotion, war or uprising, nuclear accidents, natural disasters, acts of God, or where rendering service is prohibited by local law or regulations.

Privacy Policy

Your Privacy

ID Theft Assist is very concerned about our subscribers' privacy. Data collected for services rendered will not be shared with any other organization and is used for the sole purpose of servicing our subscribers. All personal data is housed in secured storage within our offices.


ID Theft Assist can only provide services with authorization from the subscriber. The authorization form will be e-mailed or faxed to the subscriber at the time of service. A signed authorization form must be faxed to the service center in order to proceed. E-mail signatures cannot be accepted.

Subscription Verification

In some cases, verification of your subscription may be needed. We will provide service until the next business day. At that time, if verification is not obtained, the ID Theft Assist service will be discontinued.

Identity Verification

In some cases, identity verification may be necessary. This is done for the subscriber's protection. If the identity of the subscriber cannot be verified, service will be discontinued.

Given the nature of ID Theft Assist, your privacy is a top concern. We ask for as little information as possible in order to process your order. Please read further about our privacy practices.

The Information We Collect from You

ID Theft Assist allows you to purchase a subscription conveniently through our Web site. We collect your personal information only if you decide to purchase a subscription to ID Theft Assist, participate in one of our surveys or transact other business with us. In order to process your order and provide you with quality customer service, we need your full name and current and/or billing address, your e-mail address (so we can contact you) and, if you purchase ID Theft Assist through a credit card, a valid credit card number. We use personal information to authenticate the credit card number.

Security Measures We Take

ID Theft Assist takes precautions to secure your personal information. If and when we ask you to provide your personal information, we will do so through a Web page that uses the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol. This protocol provides security for your information by encrypting it as it travels from your computer to our computer.


When you order a subscription, ID Theft Assist must share some of your personal information with contracted providers of the ID Theft Assist service in order to process your transaction. For example, ID Theft Assist must share your name with Worldwide Assistance, which provides the ID Theft Rapid Response Call Center for subscribers.

Third Parties

ID Theft Assist does not provide any of your personal information to third-party vendors.

The Collection of Anonymous Data

In order to enhance the usefulness of our Web site and our products and services, ID Theft Assist will collect data about our customers' use of our Web site in a manner that does not include any personally identifiable information. While you browse the ID Theft Assist Web site, we note which pages of our site you visit and note the IP address of your computer (as all Web sites do automatically), but we do not link that address information to your personal information. The general information we gather enables us to serve our customers better by continually enhancing our site based on up-to-date use patterns.

Notification of Changes to This Privacy Statement

ID Theft Assist may amend this Privacy Statement at any time, but will notify users in advance of any material change, by posting a notice of the change in a prominent position on the home page of the ID Theft Assist Web site. If the amendment would permit us to share your personal information with third parties in a manner materially different than described in this Privacy Statement, unless required by law or court order or in order to safeguard the operations of our site or our customers, you will be given an opportunity to inform us that you do not consent to such sharing of your personal information.

Possible Acquisition

In the event of an acquisition of all or part of ID Theft Assist by another company, or in the event that ID Theft Assist was to sell or dispose of all or a part of the business, the acquirer would have access to the information maintained by the ID Theft Assist business, which could include your personal information, subject to applicable law. The acquirer's privacy policy might be different than ID Theft Assist's privacy policy, or the acquirer might choose to amend ID Theft Assist's privacy policy. You will be notified by e-mail if, as a result of such acquisition, ID Theft Assist's privacy policy is materially changed or if the acquirer's privacy policy is materially different than ID Theft Assist's privacy policy. In connection with such notice, you will be given an opportunity to inform the acquirer that you do not consent to the use or disclosure by the acquirer of your personal information in accordance with such new or revised privacy policy.

Contact Us

If You Need Help

If your identity has been compromised in any way or need assistance with credit monitoring enrollment, ID Theft Assist will help you recover. Even with something as simple as a lost wallet or credit card, we can help – 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

What to do:
Call the 24-Hour Id Theft Emergency Center using the number located on your plan card or member's kit.

What we will do*:

  1. We will ask you to verify your identity with a few simple questions
  2. We will ask you for authorization to access your financial records
  3. Within seconds of your authorization, we will be able to assess your needs and go through your records with you to see if they have been misused
  4. Answer any questions you may have

* For more detailed information about what we do once your identity has been compromised, please see our Benefits and Services listed above.

If You Need Product Information

  1. See Frequently Asked Questions listed below
  2. You can e-mail us at questions@idtheftassist.com
  3. You can call us at 1-866-MY-ID-911*

*Please note that this is not our 24/7 Assistance Center.